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Family Roast Beef Dinner

Family Roast Beef Dinner

Introducing our Family Roast Beef Dinner – the perfect addition to your family meal prep! Our Australian beef brisket is slow roasted for 6 hours with just the right amount of seasoning with salt and pepper. The meat is sliced to make mealtime easier for busy families. Along with the succulent beef, our roast comes with carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Japanese pumpkin to complete your meal. And don't forget the gravy – just like mum used to make! With enough to feed the whole family, you won't need to worry about leftovers or running out of food. Order now and taste the difference that quality ingredients make in your mealtime!

  • Ingredients

    beef, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, gravy, salt, pepper, canolive oil

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 1511
    Fats (g) 81
    Saturates (g) 20
    Carbs (g) 70
    Fibre (g) 9
    Protein (g) 131
    Salt (mg) 1401
Excluding GST
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