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Chilli tempeh with soy rice

Chilli tempeh with soy rice

Introducing our mouth-watering Chilli Tempeh with Soy Rice - the perfect meal for vegans looking for a high protein, yet delicious option. Our tempeh is expertly marinated in a blend of chilli, garlic, dates, and black vinegar for an explosion of flavour in every bite. We've combined this tender tempeh with a stir-fry of onions and broccoli, all served on a bed of soy protein rice for a satisfying and filling meal. Whether you're prepping for the week or looking for a quick and easy lunch option, our Chilli Tempeh with Soy Rice is a must-try for any plant-based food lover.
  • Ingredients

    soy rice cooked, Broccoli, Sesame, canolaive oil, Tempeh, Garlic, Ginger, Red Chilli, Pepper Paste, Sesame seeds, salt, pepper

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 514
    Fats (g) 14
    Saturates (g)  
    Carbs (g) 68
    Fibre (g) 14
    Protein (g) 43
    Salt (mg) 197
Excluding GST
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