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Tuna caper chilli spaghetti

Tuna caper chilli spaghetti

Our Tuna Caper Chilli Spaghetti is the perfect meal for those looking for a healthy and delicious option. Made with wholemeal spaghetti, cooked tuna, and capers, this dish is packed with protein and flavor. We add a touch of heat with fresh chilli and balance it out with the sweetness of fresh tomato. The addition of mizuna and green peas offer a nutrient boost, while a hint of lemon and Australian extra virgin olive oil elevate the flavors to create a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.
  • Ingredients

    wholemeal spaghetti, tuna, mizuna, chilli, tomato, green peas, canolive oil, salt, pepper

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 409
    Fats (g) 9
    Saturates (g) 9
    Carbs (g) 57
    Fibre (g) 1
    Protein (g) 23
    Salt (mg) 400
Excluding GST
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