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Sweetcorn fritters with eggs & black bean salsa

Sweetcorn fritters with eggs & black bean salsa

This delicious Sweetcorn Fritters with Eggs & Black Bean Salsa meal prep is the perfect combination of a high protein, Tex Mex-ish vegetarian dish. The sweetcorn fritters are topped with a zesty black bean salsa, poached eggs, and a hint of lime and coriander for an added burst of flavor. Enjoy this meal for a nutritious and tasty lunch or dinner.
  • Ingredients

    red onion, capsicum, wholemeal flour, paprika, coriander, baking powder, corn, eggs, tomatoes, black beans, lime, canolive oil, salt. pepper

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 437
    Fats (g) 12
    Saturates (g)  
    Carbs (g) 46
    Fibre (g) 16
    Protein (g) 27
    Salt (mg) 350
Excluding GST
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