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Chicken, bacon cauliflower bake

Chicken, bacon cauliflower bake

Our Chicken, Bacon Cauliflower Bake is the perfect keto-friendly meal prep option for those looking for a comforting yet low-calorie dish! Seasoned chicken thighs are cooked in a creamy mixture of mustard and cream before being tossed with roasted cauliflower and crispy bacon. Add in some fresh spinach for extra nutrients before baking it all in the oven until golden brown. Topped with a layer of melted cheese, it's a deliciously satisfying dish that's perfect for lunch or dinner.
  • Ingredients

    chicken, cauliflower, bacon, onion, Japanese onion, spinach, creak, mustard, cheese, canolive oil, garlic, salt, pepper 

  • Nutritional Information (per serving)

    Calories 479
    Fats (g) 39.7
    Saturates (g) 14.5
    Carbs (g) 10.2
    Fibre (g) 3.8
    Protein (g) 23.4
    Salt (mg) 443
Excluding GST
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