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Game-Changing Nutrition: Easy Meals Japan Partners with Rugby Star Cheslin Kolbe

We have some fantastic news to share from the world of sports and nutrition! Easy Meals Japan is thrilled to announce a major partnership with Roc Nation Sports International and In Touch Sports Japan. This collaboration brings top-tier nutritional support to rugby star Cheslin Kolbe through a full sponsorship deal. Our VIP Custom Meal Plans, which include specifically designed meals to meet the needs of elite athletes, will play a key role in supporting Kolbe’s journey. Read on for more details about this exciting partnership and how we’re setting new standards in sports nutrition.

READ: Roc Nation Sports International and In Touch Sports Japan Secure Full Sponsorship Deal for Rugby Star Cheslin Kolbe with Easy Meals Japan

"Roc Nation Sports International, in collaboration with In Touch Sports Japan, are thrilled to announce the successful negotiation of a full sponsorship deal for renowned rugby star Cheslin Kolbe with Easy Meals Japan. This partnership marks a significant milestone in supporting Kolbe's athletic journey in Japan and underscores the commitment of all involved parties to promoting health and performance in sports.

Cheslin Kolbe, widely recognized for his exceptional talent and agility on the rugby field, has captured the hearts of Japanese fans too in the past months with Suntory Sungoliath. As he continues to excel in his career, maintaining peak physical condition and nutrition are key points. 

Through this collaboration, Roc Nation Sports International and In Touch Sports Japan have leveraged their expertise and network in Japan to secure a sponsorship deal that aligns perfectly with Kolbe's dietary needs and performance goals.

Easy Meals Japan, the leading provider of healthy meal solutions for athletes in Japan, has committed to supporting Cheslin Kolbe by providing tailored nutritional support. Their dedication to quality, convenience, and performance-driven nutrition perfectly complements Kolbe's rigorous training regimen and competitive lifestyle. With Easy Meal Japan's expertise in crafting nutritious meals, Kolbe can focus on his game with the assurance that his dietary needs are fully met.

Commenting on the collaboration, Michael Yormark, president of Roc Nation Sports International stated: " "We are thrilled to partner with In Touch Sports Japan and Easy Meals Japan to secure this sponsorship deal for Cheslin Kolbe. As a dynamic athlete with an impressive track record, Kolbe deserves the best support possible, and we believe that Easy Meals Japan's offerings will play a crucial role in enhancing his performance on and off the field."

In Touch Sports Japan, known for their dedication to representing rugby players with integrity and excellence, played a pivotal role in facilitating this sponsorship deal. Their deep understanding of the rugby landscape in Japan and their commitment to their clients' success were instrumental in bringing this partnership to fruition.

"We are proud to have played a part in securing this sponsorship deal for Cheslin Kolbe with Easy Meals Japan," said Joe Rush from In Touch Sports Japan. "This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our athletes, and we are confident that Easy Meals Japan's nutritious offerings will contribute to Kolbe's continued success in rugby."

Cheslin Kolbe expressed his gratitude for the partnership, stating, "While I love Japanese food, it can be tough for me to go out or cook at home while training hard in Japan. I had been looking at various options to reach my nutrition goals while enjoying western food in Japan. I am thus very excited to embark on this journey with Easy Meal Japan, Roc Nation Sports International, and In Touch Sports Japan. Proper nutrition is essential for all athletes, and I am confident that this sponsorship deal will provide me with the support I need to perform at my best.”

As Cheslin Kolbe continues to inspire rugby enthusiasts worldwide with his extraordinary talent, this collaboration between Roc Nation Sports International, In Touch Sports Japan, and Easy Meal Japan sets a new standard for athlete support and partnership in the sports industry." 

Fueling Success with VIP Custom Meal Plans

We're so excited to be part of Cheslin Kolbe's journey toward excellence. Partnering with Roc Nation Sports International and In Touch Sports Japan allows us to provide Kolbe with the nutritional support he needs to reach his performance goals. Our VIP Custom Meal Plans, crafted by our expert chef and nutritionists, offer personalized meals tailored to Kolbe’s rigorous training regimen. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration, and join us in cheering for Cheslin Kolbe as he continues to shine in the rugby world.

If you’re interested in experiencing the same level of tailored nutrition, explore our VIP Custom Meal Plans and see how you can elevate your health and performance with meals designed just for you. Together, we’re making great strides in nutrition, one meal at a time!


View the Official Press Release Here:

Press Release: Roc Nation Sports International, In Touch Sports, and Easy Meals Japan Part
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