PrEP Meal Plan Schedule

Schedules for the Easy Plan PrEP plans are shown below. Click the links to view the Meal details, including ingredients and nutritional information.

Please note: Easy Meals Japan reserves the right to change meals based on availability of ingredients or other issues beyond our control
We are currenly in Week 1
Week 1
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Baked Asian Chicken on Beans
Pork Fillet with BBQ Asparagus, Corn and Chilli Jam
Seared Snapper with Spinach, White Bean & Chilli Salad
Steamed Chicken
Tomato Beef Stew
Smoked Brisket and Mushy Peas
Week 2
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Baked White Fish with Steamed Vegetables
Cajun Chicken with Black Bean and Lime Salsa
Low Fat Lamb Korma and Peas
Pork Fillet
Steamed Chicken and Quinoa Salad
Beef Steak
White Fish with Broad Bean Quinoa
Week 3
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Blackened Lime Snapper with White Bean Tabbouleh
Cinnamon Braised Chicken with Sweet Potato and Olives
Lamb Steaks with Currants and Greens
Pork Fillets with Cabbage, Ginger, Sesame Stir Fry
White Fish
Beef Brisket
Kangaroo Fillet with Satay Sauce