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Keto Meal Plan Schedule

Schedules for the Easy Plan Keto plans are shown below. Click the links to view the Meal details, including ingredients and nutritional information.

Please note: Easy Meals Japan reserves the right to change meals based on availability of ingredients or other issues beyond our control
Meals for the next delivery will follow: Week (X)
Week 1
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Keto beef enchiladas
Keto Chicken Parmy Bowl
Miso salmon, broccoli rice, edamame, and carrots
Slow cooked keto beef stew
Thai chicken, satay sauce and broccoli
Keto pork and green pepper stir fry
Prawn and cashew curry
Week 2
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Keto Gumbalaya
Keto Italian meatballs
Keto chicken stew with broccoli and brussels sprouts
Keto yoghurt lamb with olive and cauliflower pilaf
Red curry steak with cauliflower rice
Baked white fish, warm vegetable salad, garlic and herb oil
Steamed chicken, creamy lemon green beans
Week 3
Meal Name
Plan 5
Plan 7
Chicken, bacon cauliflower bake
Bacon Cheeseburger casserole
Pork chops, blue cheese sauce and beans
Roast lamb, warm vegetable salad, salsa verde
White fish and ratatouille
Beef Stroganoff
Keto chicken curry, broccoli rice
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